I think I need a bespoke application for my business. How can Aura help?

Laptop with separate application layers.

Every business has its own way of working – its unique processes, people and strategies. Off-the-shelf software may be up and running quickly and cheaper to run, but you often find there is functionality that you want but it doesn’t have. This forces you to alter the way you work to fit in with the software – you may even have to complete tasks manually. While off-the-shelf software goes a long way to meet many of the needs and desires of an organisation and its users, bespoke applications can fill the gaps to meet your specific business requirements.

These bespoke applications can come in a variety of forms, from web-based applications to server data processing. Here are some of the benefits a bespoke application from Aura can bring for your business:

Designed to your requirements – for a better user experience

Bespoke software is flexible in the way that you can develop functions targeted to your employees or customers and modify and improve as you go. It’s important that any application you use has a responsive design – for example, web-based applications need to be user-friendly and accessible from any smart device. A bespoke application can ensure the needs of your audience are met with unique design and features.


We can help to fill the gaps that your core line of business applications are not covering by developing an application designed to complete the task. We tailor the design and development to achieve a range of scenarios from a small task right up to enterprise level – this can greatly improve the efficiency of your business’s workflow and allow you to concentrate on running your business.

Software integration

When you buy ready-made software the number of integrations is usually limited – and if you have something like a marketing automation software developed, it needs to be able to integrate with your CRM software. We’re experts in software integration – when a bespoke application is created for you, we can ensure it is seamlessly integrated into your IT infrastructure so that other applications and software work alongside it. We’ll also help with data migration – moving information over from your old systems to your new application.

Maintenance and security

As technology develops and your business grows, your applications and software need to adjust to change. When it comes to maintenance, you won’t have to worry about expensive developments or upgrades – we’ll take care of fixing any bugs, updating and monitoring your application whilst you enjoy using it.

With off-the-shelf software, cybercriminals are more likely to be able to exploit well known issues and vulnerabilities. A bespoke application means that you can ensure security is a priority from the design stage – implementing extra security measures. Hacking tailor-made applications is difficult for criminals and they’ll get less data in return, making it less attractive than a widely used application.

Greater business intelligence

Business Intelligence can inform business plans and help to spot opportunity. We’ll develop an application to visualise your data or make use of the data in other functional ways, for example, to send notifications to teams for crossing data thresholds. Alternatively, we can help you with a range of Business Intelligence tools for you to further analyse your data in a self-service manner.

A bespoke application from Aura means that you’ll have full control over how your product will be configured. You’ll also be able to work with our experienced team who will guide you through the development process to achieve a solution that is perfectly suited to the needs of your business and its objectives – as well as tailored to your way of working.

For more information about our bespoke application and software development solutions, contact us.