Cloud telephony and its benefits for your business

Every business needs a reliable phone system, especially when teams are not all in one office location. Older on-premise PBX based telephony systems can be slow or clumsy to operate, limited in capability and expensive to use and maintain.

Moving your telephony system to the cloud greatly reduces the complexity on-site, often with just telephone handsets, a mobile phone app or softphones (software-based phone) being required with a solid broadband connection.

Here are some other reasons why your business would benefit from a cloud telephony solution:

Cost efficiency

With a phone system hosted in the cloud you will no longer have to enter a long-term contract or invest in expensive hardware and telephone lines. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the main type of cloud phone system, which essentially means making calls over the internet rather than through a traditional fixed line.

With a VoIP, you won’t notice much of a change from a fixed line setup – you’ll still dial a number and call as usual. You’ll be able to easily sign-up on a month to month pay plan to keep all your costs highly manageable.

Easy to manage

Cloud telephony systems are very easy to manage. Once you have installed the system, which is affordable and simple to do, and it is up and running, you can manage the system efficiently yourself.

Need to add a new feature? Often this involves nothing more than making some simple changes online. This can be very useful when you have staff working remotely and you want to ensure everyone gets access to a new feature quickly.

You will also have more control over your entire system. For example, you could use features like viewing active calls or recording calls even when your employees are working away from the office. This has security and compliance benefits, and you can also monitor the productivity of employees.

Flexible for hybrid teams

If your business is planning to transition successfully into the world of hybrid working, you need to invest in a secure, high-availability communications system. The right one in this case, would be a cloud-hosted telephony system. It can keep every single one of your team, both in the office or out, connected.

Cloud telephony business solutions allow your employees to dial and answer calls from their office number, even if they are at home. This is possible via an app which can be downloaded onto your devices. This way team meetings or customer calls can happen even if your employee is not in the office.

Also, everyone in your team will have access to the same features, so your employees can use desk phones, computers, or smartphones running apps, and all use the same system. This makes it easy for BYOD or Bring Your Own Device where an employee uses their personal device to work from rather than a company one.


When you invest in a cloud telephony system, you’re buying a solution which is scalable. If you’re planning to expand your business in the future, it’s easy to add another user – you just need to have a phone available and access to the internet. It works the same way if there are times when you don’t need as many users, you can remove devices as you need to.

If you’re looking for a telephone system that can adapt to all your business needs, a cloud based system is the ideal solution. They not only allow you to modify users, but also add auto attendants (call transferring), and add ring groups when your business demands.

Use Microsoft Teams

Already using Microsoft Teams? Right now most businesses use it for its meeting, collaboration and file sharing features, with few taking advantage of its call features.

Microsoft Teams turns into a fully functioning phone system, users can make and receive voice calls on any Teams-enabled device from anywhere – this gives you the flexibility to stay connected while working from home, on the move, or hot-desking, for example. And in most cases you can also keep your existing business number when your move your voice calling to Teams.

We offer our customers a number of options from different vendors for cloud-hosted or hybrid telephony systems, based on their exact requirements now, and for the future. Contact us to help understand your needs.