Why businesses should outsource IT support post-lockdown

Managed Services

As a result of the current crisis, many businesses have had to prioritise reducing workforce costs and cut IT budgets. But it became clear that some businesses were not equipped for the move from office to remote working, and faced challenges such as security and communication. As lockdown restrictions start to ease, outsourcing your IT may be the most effective solution to getting back to business in a changed environment.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider outsourced IT support:


When companies return to the workplace, some will be heading back with their in-house IT departments, but for others, it is likely that they will be looking closely at their budgets and cutting costs. IT should be a priority after lockdown, so the need for a more cost-effective IT solution will be crucial. Advanced monitoring tools and a team of engineers from a managed service provider, comes at a fixed price, giving you peace of mind knowing your costs are completely under control.

Encourages business growth

During the pandemic, many companies have had to take action to ensure the business continues to operate, such as making the difficult decision to make redundancies. Outsourcing IT will free up additional funds to invest in getting your business back on track and encourage growth down the line. It also frees up time for senior staff to focus on growth rather than dealing with IT issues.

Remote support

Many businesses are already benefiting from outsourcing their IT needs during lockdown, to support their remote teams. For businesses that continue to use home and flexible working after you are back in the workplace, 24×7 support is one of the key benefits of working with a managed service provider. At Aura Technology, highly-skilled service desk and on-site engineers are standing by, ready to respond to any IT issues your staff may experience, offering remote problem solving when you need it.


This period has seen a rise in Coronavirus related cyber-attacks which has left businesses questioning their current IT strategy. Whether you have been directly affected by an attack or looking to boost your security, you should review your current strategy and identify what’s working and what’s not. Outsourcing to a managed IT service can ensure that your computer systems are monitored, and you’ll be alerted if something goes wrong or is about to. An integral part of Aura’s managed IT service is a disaster recovery and business continuity solution that will ensure your business is protected and your data secure.


Technical expertise is another reason why you should consider outsourcing your IT function after lockdown. Managed service providers can work closely with you to examine your business’s needs and provide a bespoke solution so that IT decisions are aligned with your business requirements. Due to the remote nature of outsourced IT services, moving your workspace to the cloud is simplified. Cloud computing will benefit your business if you continue to adopt home and remote working, in ways such as increased security and storage. An IT specialist will help manage this as your business grows too.

Outsourcing your IT support is a great way to help your business on its digital transformation and help you get the most out of your technology. It will also save you valuable time and money, letting you focus on getting back to business. Contact our team today to find out more about managed IT support from Aura.