Five benefits to having proactive managed IT services

Proactive IT

IT shouldn’t be an afterthought, but many businesses stick with their current systems and fail to get the full benefit of the technology they’ve invested in. That can be an expensive mistake – businesses which have proactive IT systems in place it can future-proof your business and encourage growth.

Sir Clive Woodward, non-executive director at Aura Technology, has a mantra: “Companies that win in IT tend to win”. It’s a philosophy that he has applied to world-beating Rugby and Olympic teams and in his technology businesses, and one which can be applied to all organisations, large and small. In a world where the term “digital transformation” is frequently heard, the difference between a reactive and proactive IT support team can give your business the edge.

Reactive IT support only acts when you need it. You might fall victim to a cyber-attack, delete an important document or a server might crash, prompting you to raise the issue with your support team. This works – but it’s a waiting game until the problems fixed. That’s downtime that your business can’t afford.

A proactive IT model can anticipate and prevent problems occurring – solving issues well before they become a threat to your business. Advanced monitoring tools and a team of engineers at a fixed price gives you peace of mind knowing your costs are completely under control.

Being proactive, especially when it comes to IT security, is critical for any business today. Proactive managed IT will ensure that your computer systems will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – you’ll be alerted if something goes wrong or is about to.

Expert support is one of the key benefits of managed IT services. At Aura Technology, highly-skilled service desk and on-site engineers are standing by, ready to respond to any IT issues your staff may experience., offering remote problem solving or on-site visits if you need it.

Does your business have the right IT infrastructure to match its goals and objectives? A proactive support model will get into the details of your IT systems, identify what’s working, what’s not and map out your roadmap for the future. We’ll provide you with a Proactive IT Engineer and Virtual IT Director to closely examine your business’s needs and ensure that IT decisions are aligned with your business requirements.

Your data is one of your business’ most valuable assets. An integral part of Aura’s managed IT service is a disaster recovery and business continuity solution that will have your business back up and running in minutes, not days. We specialise in total data protection – wherever your data is, on your server or in the cloud our solution will protect it.

Looking to move to the cloud? An element of our managed IT service involves a simplified migration to a cloud-based workspace. We’ll work with you and your business to provide a unique solution – and manage it as your business grows. A proactive IT service will support your business transformation every step of the way.   

The bottom line is that a proactive managed IT service can save your business valuable time and money. Don’t wait until the problem surfaces – use a system that can spot it before you do. Speak to our team today to find out more about managed IT support from Aura.