Tech trends to watch in 2022


Technology adoption or digitisation has rapidly accelerated over the last two years, particularly for small and mid-sized companies.

The new normal for most businesses now is having entire systems, supply chains and customers all connected online – and this will only grow in 2022.

Here is a look at some areas which the Aura Technology team expect to see develop this year.

Anywhere operations

One thing that has become certain over the past few years is that the way we work has changed forever.

Although many people have made their way back to the office, for at least some of the week, there is still a large percentage of employees working from home. With this, businesses will need to incorporate technologies that enable seamless working for teams regardless of their location.

Anywhere operations is as described – an operating model that enables employees to work from anywhere. It supports the deployment of your apps and software across distributed devices, including employees own mobile phones.

Whether software needs to be available on a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, or other device, anywhere operations can ensure the way you work is seamless.

And it’s not just the odd software platform and apps you can incorporate into this working model, entire infrastructure ecosystems can be moved to anywhere operations.

Hyper automation

Hyper automation essentially says anything that can be automated should be. This allows you to use the resources that you’ve saved as a result of automation, for more important tasks.

Automating manual tasks has been happening for a couple of years, but what we’re seeing now is that it’s moved from task-based automation to process-based automation. Hyperautomation can happen at scale, across a whole business.

This will combine tech such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) to process information in more impactful ways, improving quality and increasing overall productivity. Hyperautomation will also offer real-time, continuous intelligence with improved analytics to further enhance your operations and processes.

An example of where hyperautomation can happen in an industry such as retail, would be in order management, payments, transportation, Inventory, supplier management, procurement and data monitoring.


It feels like we’ve been saying this for a few years now, but 2022 will finally be the year we see the benefits of 5G on a bigger scale.

The demand for high-speed internet and smart home and office systems has pushed the development and adoption of 5G technologies for UK businesses.

5G provides higher reliability and bandwidth connectivity to allow for faster, more responsive experiences on mobile and desktops. In 2022, small, mid-sized and large organisations are expected to start using 5G in order to increase employee productivity, transform the customer experience, create new jobs, support communications and provide massive IoT opportunities.

Cybersecurity mesh

It’s clear that malware, ransomware and other threats are increasing, and attacks are evolving.

Protecting your data should be one of your company’s highest priorities in 2022 and that’s where cybersecurity mesh comes in. Cybersecurity mesh, by definition, is a flexible architecture that brings together (a mesh of) top, standalone security solutions to work together to improve your overall security.

The trick to cybersecurity mesh is understanding what level of security you want to have and how to get there from where you are now. The thought here is that businesses that adopt a cybersecurity mesh strategy will have integrated security that will allow for a productive and secure infrastructure, and this will allow for a reduction of the costs involved when a cybersecurity breach occurs.

Data fabric

Data is one of those things that is forever growing, and because of this, solutions are always required to simplify and manage it.

Making clean and organised data available from multiple access points will remain on the list of technology priorities but finding this solution in a cost-effective way has proven to be tricky.

Data fabric is a 2022 trend, that address the issue of dealing with growing data in the most economical way.

If you have more data than you know what to do with, we can offer a data analysis service, just get in touch for more information.


Corporate social responsibility is now a business must and will be an important part of business objectives in the new year. It’s a huge subject and more and more we are seeing customers demanding to know what we are doing – and technology can help with this.

Did you know using IoT-enabled appliances can help cut down energy waste? You can set lights and air conditioning or heating units to turn off automatically after a specific time or shut them off remotely while you’re out of the office. IoT can also help you track and then improve the lifecycle of your products.

Data analytics can also help you find out more about your business’s energy usage and where you can improve efficiency.


In 2022, it’s likely that Covid will continue to impact the way companies do business, and the way we work. As we see accelerated uses of digitisation, the need for cloud, security, and automation will increase.

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