Using technology to reduce stress in the workplace

Workplace Stress Article

April is stress awareness month and as more employers start taking their obligations around employee wellness seriously, the benefits of a happy, healthy and stress-free workforce are fast becoming clear – and it’s no surprise that technology is playing an integral role.

Leading companies are able to make the connection between employee wellbeing and a productive, efficient business and many have started to embed technology into their employee wellness programmes to assist them in making life easier and happier for their staff.

One of the challenges faced by companies is engaging employees and encouraging them to participate in wellness programmes. Research shows that three out of five employees in the UK say they’d be inclined to participate in workplace wellness if employers used digital technology to do so. So, businesses that aren’t already doing so would be wise to look into how different technology platforms can support their workplace wellness strategy.

Different platforms designed to promote good employee wellbeing can include health trackers and wearables, work trackers, coaching tools, health and safety technology, occupational health monitoring tools, absence management programmes, team games apps and wellbeing portals.

It’s important that if a business adopts tools that they consider the useability and reliability of them, and that they are all working in harmony with each other in a streamlined way. If staff are spending too much time fixing bugs or system fails and trying to make sure the technology is working properly and effectively this negates the point of having the technology in the first place.

Businesses should also ensure that the wellbeing strategy is focused on prevention rather than cure, if companies can take employee wellbeing seriously from the offset before problems happen, it’s a win-win situation for both staff and employer.