Why every business needs a continuity plan

There are many things that can bring your business operations to a halt, such as cyber-attacks or natural disasters. In recent months COVID-19 has unexpectedly affected most businesses worldwide – causing many to close their doors or drastically change the way they work with very little notice. How can you make sure your business continues to operate during a crisis?

For the unprotected, even if a disaster doesn’t put you out of business, it can result in catastrophic data loss ending in a loss of productivity, revenue and reputation.

A reliable business continuity solution helps ensure you can keep your business functioning whatever happens. You can find more information about our business continuity solution here, but here are some of the key benefits of having a good plan in place.

Avoid downtime

A business continuity plan will outline how employees are supposed to address different scenarios – what actions to take, and how to mitigate the issue. This means the most important functions, services and systems critical to the running of your business can be up and running in the shortest amount of time – reducing the impact on your business.

Reduce financial risk

Among the benefits of business continuity planning is removing not only business risk, but also financial risk. Putting reliable backup procedures in place will lessen the risk of a data breach or systems failure. The cost associated with these events – or even minor disruptions – can be avoided with a good continuity plan in place.

Total data protection

An effective continuity solution will ensure rapid system recovery – so you’ll never be in a situation where you lose a large amount of data between backups. We work with global industry leader Datto, who specialise in local, cloud (or a hybrid) based virtualisation technology, so in the event of a disaster your business operation can be restored. Combined with our enterprise grade cloud storage, your data will be protected. We also offer a free disaster recovery health check, to assess your requirements.

Competitive advantage

If you have a strong continuity plan, this can act as an advantage over your competitors. Should disruption occur, resuming business operations quickly and efficiently can make you more attractive to customers, suppliers and potential partners. If you are providing a service, it shows customers and stakeholders that you are taking their needs seriously and addressing any operational issues.

Spot inefficiencies

Implementing a business continuity plan might bring any flaws in your business operations to your attention. For example, flaws in the way that data is being handled, or the use of outdated technology. If you can identify these weaknesses, you can devise a strategy for improvement.

Protect employees

It’s not just data loss that should be your main concern – the safety of employees is critical in making sure your business stays functional during a disaster. In the event of a crisis like a fire or natural disaster it’s important that your employees are familiar with the continuity plan. Practicing regular drills will give you peace of mind knowing your employees will react well in a disaster situation.

At Aura, we provide a managed business continuity solution that can have your business back up and running in minutes, not hours or days. It’s designed to protect all your data no matter where it is – in the cloud or on-premise servers. For more information, please contact us.