Business Continuity

Is your data protected in the event of a disaster?

Is your data protected in the event of a disaster?

Do you have a continuity plan to protect your business in the event that your data is compromised? Has it actually been tested? 90% of small to medium businesses that experience a disaster will go out of business within two years of the event. Your data is one of your most valuable assets. It must be protected with a concrete reliable, proven business continuity solution to keep your business functioning whatever happens.

Actually the typical disaster that often comes to mind is actually very uncommon. Fires and Floods only affect a small percentage of UK business every year.​​

Due to this many business are still happy to base their future on outdated recovery technology that does not cater for the modern day disaster that is becoming increasingly more prevalent.​

These events are affecting a large number of business today and to the un-protected can result in catastrophic data loss that can result in loss of productivity, revenue and reputation.

Just one of the increasingly more common events is ransomware.


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We specialise in protecting all your data, no matter where it resides


At Aura we provide a managed business continuity solution. Its not just about backup. We provide a solution that will have your business back up and running in minutes, not hours or days.

We do this through our partnership with industry technology leader Datto. We will provide your business with a managed solution that you can depend on when you need to.

Our service focuses on getting your business working again in the fastest time possible. There are no unreliable tapes to change and retrieve when the time comes, we manage the solution through Datto’s highly secure UK based data center and will even supply a backup appliance to your site as part of the service.


Our solution is designed to protect all your data no matter where it is. Modern data exists in so many different forms and we protect all of them. Protecting data in the cloud is actually just as important as data held on-premise on your servers and our solution caters for this.