Data loss: Stay up to date, stay protected

Total Data Protection

For any business, a loss of data can be catastrophic. Events such as natural disasters, power surges, accidental deletions, security breaches or loss of connectivity can cause temporary or permanent loss, with consequences ranging from a minor inconvenience to a business critical scenario. The traditional means of securing data has been a daily backup – but with the increased digital transformation of business comes a vast increase in the volume of data and the speed at which it is handled. This means a cloud-based backup is the only realistic system for most modern organisations.

Global data backup specialist and data partner to Aura Technology Datto states: “There is often a misconception that data is safe if backed up once a day, but for several reasons, this isn’t the best way of doing it. For example, if the backup process fails or is forgotten for that day protection is lost, and if data is backed up once a day there is still the risk a whole days’ worth of work will be lost.”

Experts at Datto warn that:

  • If backup files are not properly validated, there could a very unpleasant surprise when a data loss occurs, and the files don’t restore as expected. Datto are able to check the health of a backup as soon as it has completed, and will immediately flag up an alert on the appliance if there is a problem.
  • If files are only backed up on site and something happens on site, this could leave a firm with a complete loss of data.
  • If only raw data is backed up, rather than application and server configuration files, it could take several days to restore a firm to a fully operational condition—because servers, operating systems, and applications would need to be rebuilt.

Business Interruption Insurance can also be a false economy as the cost of a damaged server, lost time or damaged equipment won’t protect a firm from the potential damage to client relationships and ultimately reputation, which carries a greater cost in the long run.

A study by the department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in 2018 found that nearly half the businesses in the UK have fallen victim to cyberattacks or security breaches in the last year, costing them each thousands of pounds. So how can organisations avoid costly downtime?

  • Outsource IT to a specialist IT firm that understands your business, its goals and the specific challenges it faces.
  • When it comes to purchasing hardware don’t sacrifice quality in order to save money. Having strong technology will carry long terms benefits.
  • Establish, review and maintain system security of all your business technology.
  • Perform timely hardware and software updates, maintenance and backups.

Aura Technology works closely in partnership with Datto to provide bespoke hybrid or cloud-based data backup solutions. These tailored solutions provide peace of mind, while the agility of being hybrid or cloud-based gives them the potential to grow into the future and beyond.

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