The Mother of All Breaches MOAB

Mother of All Breaches Attack

The Mother of All Breaches (MOAB)

Cybersecurity Breach at its worst.

The Mother of All Breaches (MOAB) is a recent cybersecurity revelation that has sent shockwaves through the cybersecurity landscape. It is one of the largest and most comprehensive breaches, revealing 26 billion records, or 13 terabytes of data.  MOAB is an amalgamation of information from past leaks, breaches, and hacked databases. The breach exposed personal information, credentials, financial information, social media data, professional information, entertainment and gaming data, and government records.

Cyber Security Risk for SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the economy, and they must stay up-to-date with cybersecurity measures. According to a report by TechRadar, SMEs are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks due to their lack of resources and expertise in cybersecurity. A study found that 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses. Therefore, SMES must take proactive measures to protect themselves from cyber threats.

Aura Technology leverages its expertise to mitigate customer cyber breaches by partnering with XDR specialists Barracuda. With the news of this ‘mother of all breaches’, Barracuda has recommended the following measures:

  • Users are highly advised to remain vigilant and prioritise their cybersecurity practices. Ensuring good credential hygiene and enabling two-factor authentication where possible is essential for maintaining security. If you haven’t done so, now is an excellent time to start implementing these measures.


  • Ensure that everyone employs robust and difficult-to-predict passwords.


  • Add an extra layer of security by enabling multi-factor authentication on all crucial accounts.


  • Stay alert to potential phishing and spear phishing attempts, and exercise caution when interacting with emails and messages.


  • Regularly review and eliminate password duplicates to enhance security.


  • Immediately implement new protective measures for accounts that share the same passwords to strengthen their security


By taking these measures, SMEs can protect themselves from cyber threats and safeguard their business operations.

How can Aura Technology help?

Aura Technology can help organisations with their cyber hygiene by providing the following services:

  • Security Audits: Aura Technology can conduct regular security audits to identify vulnerabilities and risks in the organisation’s IT infrastructure.


  • Cybersecurity Training: Aura Technology can provide cybersecurity training to SME employees to help them identify and mitigate cyber threats.


  • Managed IT Services: Aura Technology can provide managed IT services, which include monitoring, maintenance, and support of IT systems.


  • Cloud Solutions: Aura Technology can help SMEs migrate to cloud-based solutions, providing better security and scalability.

By leveraging these services, organisations can improve their cybersecurity posture and protect themselves from cyber threats.

Whether you have Cyber security in place or not, staying up to date with your cyber hygiene is imperative. We can help discuss your existing or future requirements to protect your business, especially from cyber threats.

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