Could your business be working smarter?

Microsoft Teams

Work Smarter with Microsoft Teams

It’s predicted that half of the business workforce will be working remotely or flexibly by 2020 – and this places new challenges on organisations to work smarter. The email, once the default of business communication, is now simply one aspect of a multitude of platforms that include instant messaging, LinkedIn, and chat-based collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack.

With 2019 approaching, now is the ideal opportunity to take a step back and ask whether your business could be working more efficiently. Many businesses in the South are adopting cloud-based platforms such as Teams and are seeing the benefit of a more targeted, productive approach to project management. It’s not hard to see why when you consider the benefits of this way of working.

Here are the five top benefits of Microsoft Teams:

  • Built for today’s way of working
    Rather than have 50 emails from colleagues around the same piece of work, team members can each comment and make changes to documents. All the team know the status of the discussion, keeping all staff on the same page and keeping the productivity flowing.
  • It integrates seamlessly with Office 365
    Fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365, it combines chat, meetings, notes and attachments which allows businesses to interact with each other wherever they are and via desktop, mobile or tablet. Files, assets, calendars and emails can all be shared too.
  • Robust cybersecurity
    Microsoft Teams has been built to reduce the chance of sensitive data leaks occurring.
  • Customisable with third party app integration
    There are hundreds of third-party integrations on offer that can be tailored for your business needs, such as Hootsuite and Google Analytics.
  • Differentiation between internal and external communication
    Teams allows employees to prioritise workflows internally and manage more effectively external communication with clients. The upshot of this is increased productivity and a happier workforce.

For a discussion about the benefits of cloud-based team working and how it could enhance your business, please contact us for further information.