Easy ways to keep your business (and its data) backed up

data protection

Keeping your business, and its data, secure is more important than ever as the threat of cyber-attacks increases in the UK. A recent report from Beaming shows that cyber criminals around the world subjected UK businesses to 66 attacks per hour in 2019, so it’s essential to have your data securely stored and protected – you can read about the risks of data loss from our partner, global data and backup specialists Datto.

Here are some simple tips for keeping your data backed up and secure:

Use cloud-based storage

It’s easy to understand why most businesses are turning to the cloud for data storage – you can access it anywhere you can reach the internet and it stores an unlimited amount of data, which you will be able to restore in a click or two. Cloud backup can be set to be conducted automatically – or at regular intervals and the pathway between the computer and server is encrypted and secure.

Locally store data

As well as online, it’s a good idea to have copies of your data stored locally – it’s a simple and affordable option. Having multiple local hard drives, network attached storage systems or tape drives are easy and efficient solutions as you can access data instantly. But remember, these methods aren’t secure enough alone – so combine them with a cloud solution for maximum protection.

Have a data backup regimen

For adequate data protection, you need to install a reliable backup system that carries out regular or automatic backups. But don’t leave them alone – you or your IT provider should monitor backup reports daily, either manually or via an alerts system so any issues can be addressed before they escalate. Also ensure that restore tests are carried out to check you can recover files if something is deleted.

Get a disaster recovery health check

Many businesses probably have no idea how long it would take to recover their data should they fall victim to an IT disaster. A disaster recovery health check involves a team of experts assessing your systems to understand the requirement for data recovery – including cost of downtime. They will then present a solution, including a disaster recovery plan.

Have a continuity plan

In the event your data is compromised, do you have a continuity plan in place? Your business is one of your most valuable assets, so you can’t rely on outdated recovery technology that doesn’t cater for the modern disaster – such as phishing or ransomware. Protecting your data in the cloud is just as important as an on-premise server – a managed business continuity solution will protect all of your data, no matter where it is.

The best prevention against disaster is backing up your data regularly, and securely – don’t run the risk of losing it. Whilst cyber-attacks continue to make the headlines, it’s easy to overlook other threats your business may face such as human error or floods and fires – so implementing a backup solution is vital and should be a key element of your IT strategy.

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