IT and the omni-channel experience

IT & Omni-Channel Experience

The omni-channel experience takes multi-channel customer contact one step further. The aim of omni-channel is to provide customers with a seamlessness experience between all the channels or devices a customer might use when in contact with your business.

Consumer research has found that brand loyalty is not as strong as it was in prior generations, with only 25% of consumers fully engaged and loyal to a particular brand. Therefore it is vital that the customer experience is a positive one each and every time.

We believe that what really makes a difference to the customer experience is technology, and especially in the following areas:

Branding and channels:

As well as having everything looking the same in terms of branding and key messages, a business who ‘gets’ omni channel communication will maintain conversations and interactions across all channels. The customer then does not have to start again every time they contact a business via a different channel. This gives the customer a choice of how to communicate with a business at any given moment and at any point in the sales process.

Personalisation and context:

Consumers like brands to tailor their experience to them personally, and they don’t like having to repeat their preferences every time they make contact with a business. A good omni-channel experience might be a brand remembering their name, their buying preference, previous purchases and how they like to pay. Technology can help integrate all that knowledge by using CRM or data stores to keep up to date with customers interactions with the business in real time.

Getting everyone on board:

A business will be made up of several functions and depending on the structure of the business different channels will be owned by different departments. For example, marketing may look after social media, sales might look after CRM and digital might look after the website, but it is important that they are all working together and communicating, having a tailored internal system that all departments feed into and out of will ensure that the customer receives a seamless experience.

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