Why automation is changing the way we work

Autonomous “things” are devices which use artificial intelligence to carry out functions normally performed by humans. Automation is already present in things we use every day, from self checkouts to online chatbots, and is increasingly changing how we carry out tasks in our personal and professional lives.

Rule-based workflow automation systems can keep all your back-office tasks ticking over, even when you’re not in the office yourself – important as the shift to remote working continues.

By automating workflows, employers can stay in sync with their teams and processes and IT systems stay connected. Here are some other reasons why automation is transforming the way we work:

Saving time

Business automation saves time because it will allow you to perform vast numbers of routine tasks at a faster rate. It also frees up your staff’s time by taking these routine tasks off their hands. This is time which they can then spend completing other – possibly more valuable – tasks, that require a human brain on the job.

Improves productivity

Employees lose hours per week doing repetitive tasks that could be automated. This leads to rushing and stress on the part of your team and can often lead to errors.

Automation takes those tasks and completes them with little to no human interaction. So, there is less stress put on employees to rush through routine chores and focus on their job. Most organisations are now incorporating digital workplaces that provide workflow automation and seamless collaboration tools to help employees manage their work and communicate – which is essential when working from home.

Shift in skills required

The rise of automation has led to a shift in the types of skills required for the workplace – the biggest of which is the increased importance that “soft” skills, such as communication and creative thinking, now hold within businesses. Employers are now recognising the importance of these skills and the need to hire people who have both a technical and softer skillset.

Jobs are created

Despite what people think, automation isn’t here to take jobs but support them. Thanks to automation, we have seen a rise in technology-focused jobs, giving people who specialise in increasingly in-demand areas, such as blockchain, virtual reality, IoT and cyber-security, better opportunities for work.

And while automation takes care of the mundane tasks human workers no longer need to do, employees can focus on developing skills that computing is unable to replicate, such as creativity, leadership and strategy.

Improves employee engagement

At this time, automation software has a lot of benefits that can improve the way your staff work remotely. With automation, organizations have the power to streamline tasks, making employees feel satisfied and better at their jobs.

Automation software in your office or in your remote working setup is a step towards reducing stress and creating a relaxed atmosphere. If your employees embrace it, it can lead to happier, more engaged staff who produce high-quality work.

Better manage tasks

Automating information systems reduces storage space and allows several employees to access the same data at the same time – this improves communication in teams and across departments. Most automated workflows come with ‘Dashboards’ that display tasks and reminders which are visible to all users which helps staff to keep up with daily tasks and managers to monitor the status of work.

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence are reshaping the future of the workplace by allowing the automation of manual tasks in operations and processes, and businesses that prioritise improving the digital workspace will benefit from improved efficiencies. At Aura Technology, we can help your business with its digital transformation, beginning with a thorough strategic IT review to assess your business’ current and future technology needs. Contact us for more information.