Why you should outsource software development

Software Development

At the end of 2019, over 57% of the total outsourcing market in the UK was outsourcing IT, according to a report by global business processing provider Arvato – and this is only expected to grow in the next decade. Businesses are finding it more cost-effective, efficient and less risk to outsource their IT to experts so they can focus on growth.

Software development is complex, involving a range of services from building applications, software integration and data analysis. Not everyone has the means to employ a development team in-house, and your IT department may be at capacity, so it makes sense to hire a third-party.

Here a few reasons why outsourcing may be the best approach for your business:

It’s cheaper than in-house

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of outsourcing development is its cost-effectiveness. Opting for a third-party rather than a full-time developer will save you money – the fact that you don’t have to buy equipment and expensive tech means the overall cost is greatly reduced. The cost is also variable – depending on the service and results you require.

Access to talent and technology

One of the main reason’s companies outsource their software development is for the skill or resources that you may not have in-house. Outsourcing gives you access to local and global specialists such as web developers, IOS developers, designers, and data scientists who are likely to use the latest technology that will give top-quality results.

Increased flexibility

You’ll only use a software company when you need to – which is considerably more efficient than full-time employment. It’s ideal if your business has limited budget for a certain project or it is a one-off. Software outsourcing is best for projects that don’t need daily maintenance. For example, if you need an inventory management software to help automate your business processes.

You need a quick turnaround

Sometimes you may just need to get things done faster than your internal team could. Whilst you can’t rush complex software development, an outside company can typically involve more people in getting the job done faster. Of course – this may come at a price and reduce your cost savings from outsourcing the job.

Focus on your business

Outsourcing a major development job frees up time for you to focus on core elements of your business and streamline your business processes, allowing for more resources to be allocated elsewhere. It also doesn’t overwhelm your employees who already have enough responsibility!

Less risk

Why should you outsource your software development? It is a lot less risky than if you were to carry it out internally. You’re almost guaranteed a professional and quality service –  and if something happens, they are responsible. The quality of service is also documented, controlled and measurable – reducing the financial risk than if you were to stay in-house.

Outsourcing software development is a great way to assist with your business’ digital transformation and support growth through innovation. It will also help obtain competitive advantage without losing focus and efficiency.

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