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Free Disaster Recovery Health Check

How long will it take to recover your data?

How long will it take to recover your data?

Many small to medium businesses have no idea how long it might take to recover their business should they fall foul to an IT disaster.

Our team of experts is on hand to come and assess your existing systems and business needs and present this back to you in a detailed report that you can really get value from.

You may think you have adequate server backup, or that paying bills for online backup keeps you safe, but can you actually recover in the event of disaster or a full-blown business continuity situation?

What is included in the Free Disaster Recovery Health Check?

Site Visit

We conduct all our health checks on site with you. This allows us to see first hand what backup systems you have in place. Their supportability, suitability and reliability.

Needs Analysis

We meet with key staff to understand the requirements for data recovery. This will include building up and understanding of your key data, the cost of downtime, your recovery requirements and your recovery point objectives.

Data Analysis

Modern data exists in a multitude of locations, we will analyse your systems to determine your data sprawl and detect unprotected data.

Existing systems

We document your existing recovery systems including your disaster recovery plan and historical success/failure rates.

Detailed Report

The report will include results from the above and our recommendations on the most suitable solution for your business.

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