Everything you need to know about Google Chrome OS Flex

Chrome OS Flex

Google recently launched Chrome OS Flex, a new version of Chrome OS that you can install on any PC or Mac – even those that are several years old.

Chrome OS Flex was created as an environmentally friendly way to recycle devices that are too old to properly run Windows or macOS.

Here’s why it might work for your business:

Save costs with refurbished tech

If you’re in the market for new office equipment, but don’t quite have the funds for brand new laptops, Chrome OS Flex allows you to make use of your old technology.

It essentially erases the original operating system of your Mac or Windows PC and turns the computer into a makeshift Chromebook. It’s a streamlined version of Chrome OS that’s perfect to use on older systems.

Refurbished tech can work just as well as new equipment, without having to pay the high price for brand-new tech. Read our blog on how refurbished tech can benefit your business.

Extend the life of your devices

Chrome OS Flex’s light load means that you don’t need powerful hardware to run it. And since it doesn’t take a lot of processing power or energy, it won’t put much strain on your system. These two facts are what let Chrome OS Flex run on such old computers, extending their lifespans for up to years.

When Windows 10 goes end-of-life in 2025, instead of disposing of your older PC, you can turn it into a Chromebook.

Get the same benefits as Chrome OS

Chrome OS Flex is very similar to the Chrome OS system and only misses out on a couple of things such as the installation of Google Play Store and Android apps and support for some hardware ports.

Most of the apps are web-based and it works very well on older computers with low configurations. Plus, with Chrome OS Flex, you can also run Google Assistant.

What are the key differences between Chrome OS and Chrome OS Flex?

  1. Chrome OS is available only for Chromebooks, whereas Chrome OS Flex can be installed on any computer with Windows and MacOS.
  2. Chrome OS is protected with Google’s security chip, but Chrome OS Flex doesn’t require Google’s security chip for protection.
  3. Chrome OS Flex doesn’t include support for Android apps. However, just like on regular Chrome OS, in the future it will be possible to mirror your Pixel phone’s screen for Android app access.
  4. Chrome OS Flex only supports Intel and AMD processors, so Microsoft Surface Pro and the latest M1 Macs will not work with it.

What are the main benefits of installing Chrome OS Flex?

  • Your devices will boot up very quickly with Chrome OS Flex and not slow down over time
  • Updates to the operating system run in the background of your device which reduces downtime
  • You can deploy Chrome OS Flex across a fleet of computers via a USB drive
  • Chrome OS Flex reduces e-waste by extending the lifespan of your older devices
  • The operating system works on most laptops with a 65-bit processor and is totally free

The minimum security requirements for Chrome OS flex are:

  • Intel or AMD x86-64-bit CPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 16 GB Hard drive space
  • Access to BIOS

With Chrome OS Flex, you don’t need to buy new hardware to support the latest operating system. It’s the easiest way to repurpose your machine and can sync up your browsing data with the rest of your Chrome-friendly devices.

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