How refurbished tech can benefit your business

Refurbished tech

It’s inevitable that at some point your business IT systems will need to be upgraded and
replaced. But should you choose brand new technology or refurbished tech?

You may not have considered it but choosing refurbished IT could help to improve your
company and save money in the long run.

What is refurbished tech?

Refurbished tech is normally goods or devices returned because they are ex-display, unused,
products with minor defects or missing parts, or items with damaged packaging.

It can also be the technology you’ve used that has been refurbished and redeployed by your IT
provider, to make sure its systems and software are up to scratch.

An example could be a company laptop that has been left after an employee leaves or a
smartphone that was upgraded. There’s no sense in retiring old devices when they’re still
working and other employees might get some use out of them.

This means you can enjoy updated, re-tested and refurbished laptops and PCs that work as well
as new equipment, without having to pay the high price for brand new tech.

The benefits of refurbished vs new technology

Low cost

If you are looking to buy, refurbished devices are without doubt less expensive than buying
brand-new and could save your business a considerable amount of money.

Redeploying hardware you already own is also saving you the full cost of buying new, giving
you the option to spend in other areas of your business.

Maintain productivity

Very often the upgrades we see to new hardware are minimal, and you may not even notice the
difference. Most essential updates like security patches can still be carried out on older devices
to ensure the equipment you are using is safe, so if you are not enticed by the aesthetics, don’t
rush out to buy the newest phones and laptops.

Fully refurbished hardware is often just as good as new. In fact, in 2020 Techbuyer and the University of East London measured the energy and performance of a server. They found a new
and refurbished server, of the same manufacturer and model, had an identical performance.

Employees can still take advantage of the same features, maintaining productivity and reducing
downtime. They won’t need to worry about inefficient storage or slow and lagging systems that
you might get with an old device.

Minimal training needed

If you redeploy your existing technology, minimal training will be needed for employees to be
able to use them confidently and competently. This is especially true if the devices are already
running the latest software versions. Not needing to retrain staff on new equipment
saves you both time and money.

More eco friendly

Redeploying or introducing refurbished tech helps to reduce the amount of electronic waste your
business produces. It also cuts down on the carbon footprint created by manufacturing and shipping new products.

It’s both an affordable and sustainable opportunity for you to contribute to your CSR initiatives as a business.

Longer warranties

One of the key benefits of buying refurbished IT hardware is that most products typically come
with a better warranty than a brand new product offers.

This can give you peace of mind that
your IT devices have been thoroughly inspected and offer the same quality, performance and
reliability as the products off the shelf.

In short, second-hand equipment can be entirely reliable, and the savings gained upfront
is too great to make buying new hardware the default option.

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