Things to consider when disposing of old tech


Keeping your business up to date with innovative technology can give you a competitive edge and increase productivity.

This is not just in terms of computers – it can be tablets, phones or new servers that have increased performance. Should you choose to update your tech. you can’t just dump it in the bin, you must dispose of them properly and consider all methods.

There are many options for your old tech – but first there are some things to consider before you de clutter your workspace.

  1. Back-up and wipe your data

Whichever route you take to dispose of old tech, you must make sure that any data stored on your device is backed up to a cloud system before it is erased.

This can be anything from business data, personal details or passwords and login credentials. This is especially important if you are handing it over to somebody else – you don’t want your data falling into the wrong hands.

Here at Aura Technology, we offer managed cloud solutions.

  1. Cancel subscriptions

Although it is more common to have subscription programmes that allow you to login on different devices – such as Microsoft 365, some have device-specific settings. If you are disposing of old tech, you should ensure that any subscriptions are removed, to allow them to be activated on your new device.

  1. Sell the device

You can make extra money by selling your device to a second-hand technology business, either online or in-store. This can create extra income to put towards new, updated devices.

Alternatively, you can sell it back to the supplier who sold you the tech, such as Apple.

  1. Donate to a worthy cause

You can donate your old electrical items to a charity to sell, or to a not-for-profit organisation. Even if you think your device is old, many organisations will happily take it to be put to good use. For example, a school or youth programme may use them – or a religious organisation.

These donations may also be tax deductible – so it could still be financially efficient to donate them, and it helps a good cause.

  1. Be eco-friendly

If you choose to dispose of your tech, make sure it is done in an eco-friendly way. You can take it to a Designated Collection facility (DCF), where they will recycle it for you. Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) has strict legislations as to how you can dispose of the items – you may even have to prove that they were disposed of properly.

You can read more about recycling your old tech here.

  1. Give it to us!

As part of our managed IT solutions, we offer the option to properly dispose of your old tech, ensuring all the correct measures are taken. This includes back-up, data erasion and recycling. This takes away the responsibility of dealing with the disposal process.

  1. Have a continuity plan

If your data is compromised, having a continuity plan is an important measure to implement. Data is your most valuable asset – having a reliable business continuity solution to recover your data is extremely important, should a disaster occur.

Here at Aura Technology, we offer business continuity services as part of our managed IT services. Contact us to find out more.